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Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Lived in Kuala Lumpur and worked in Oil & Gas as an offshore-navigator from 2008 to 2016. In early 2016, I decided to move to Tambun, Ipoh. Still working in the Oil & Gas field but as a Freelancer and spent my free time in the kitchen doing my own Pizza making experiments because of watching too many Pizza shows on the internet. Due to my interest in pizza, I started at home selling homemade pizza for almost a year before expanding into my own pizza stall in a restaurant called MIKER.

The most important thing is to have interest in everything you do. “THE ONLY WAY TO DO GREAT WORK IS TO LOVE WHAT YOU DO” (Steve Jobs)

What made you decide to become a chef?

I like eating and I love pizza and I want to share my love for pizzas with others. Every time I'm in the kitchen I feel so relaxed and fun. I feel like it’s not work everyday because what I do is like my own hobby.


your favourite food in ipoh?

Mee curry because there is no other place that can beat the great taste of Ipoh curry noodles.


Name 3 things you can’t live without in the kitchen

- A very hot oven that can reach the temperature of 500 degree Celsius.

- High quality pizzas ingredients like cheese, flour & topping to produce the best pizza.

- An efficient assistant to deliver the best service


Your favourite ingredient to cook with and why?

Garlic - Without garlic, most dishes taste a bit bland. The taste of garlic makes the food more tasty & increases the appetite.


What was the best meal you have ever had? And Where?

My grandma’s Asam Pedas Dish :)


Where did you train to cook?

I'm not a culinary graduate & I have never attended any pizza making & learning courses. I learned everything from Internet sources especially Google, Youtube & Instagram.


How would you describe your style of cooking?

The pizza I make is more of a New York Pizza style. Although there are several types of pizza styles like Neapolitan Pizza from Italy, Deep Dish Pizza from Chicago. But I feel more like New York Pizza style suites our Malaysian taste better.


You're hosting a dinner party for six close friends or family - what will you serve?

Extra Larga pizza with extra Cheese, plus Jalapeno Pepper and extra crispy pizza crust, square cuts which is suitable for eating while chatting endlessly.

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